New Centrelink Payment 2024: Know Amount, Eligibility & How to Claim

The Australian Government has introduced a new Centrelink Payment Plan for 2024 to provide more significant financial relief to low income individuals affected by the ongoing economic crisis and high inflation rates. The Centrelink Cash Relief 2024 is one of the key components of Newton link payment which mainly aims to provide up to $750 in financial support.

The payment is managed and regulated by service Australia, which mainly aims to provide financial stability to various groups including job seekers, pensioners, and individuals with disabilities. This article covers everything you need to know about the 2024 New Centrelink Payment: an overview, July payment date, upcoming payments, eligibility criteria, and more.

New Centrelink Payment 2024

The Centrelink Payment levels will increase on July 1, 2024, in accordance with increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which as of March 2024 had increased by 3.6%. Due to this change, there will be an increase in the income levels required for persons to be eligible for these benefits.

A proper distribution process will be ensured by directly depositing the increased payment amounts into the recipients’ bank accounts. Central link has also increased Family Tax Benefit Part B from the month of July 2024, with the amount increased up to $288.82 for children aged 0-12 and also for those aged 13-15.

New Centrelink Payment – Overview

OrganizationServices Australia
Name of BenefitCentrelink Cash Relief
Payment DateFrom July 2024
CategoryGovernment Aid
Official Website

Australia New Centrelink Payment In July 2024

The Australian government has announced the introduction of a significant $4000 Centrelink Payment for 2024, in addition to regular social security payments and services. This incentive has the goal to help those who are having financial difficulties by giving them access to additional government resources and support services in addition to instant cash support. This complete plan shows the government’s dedication to helping people in need in hard economic times.

New Centrelink Payment Dates

  • To make sure that qualified beneficiaries receive the $4000 Centrelink Payment as soon as possible, the Australian government simplified the application procedure.
  • The Centrelink Payment scheduled for 27 June 2024, was directly deposited on 3rd July 2024 and payment review is set for 17th July 2024.
  • Those who meet the eligibility requirements are urged to check the myGov website for the most up-to-date information on important dates and payment schedules.

Upcoming Centrelink Payments

  • The Australian Government’s Centrelink Payment program offers financial support to individuals facing economic challenges.
  • Upcoming direct deposits are scheduled for August 22, September 19, and October 17, with corresponding paychecks on August 28, September 25, and October 23.
  • The New Centrelink program includes Low Income Family Payments for essential household expenses.
  • It also provides Disability Support Payments for certified disabled individuals and one-off emergency payments for urgent financial needs.
  • For the most accurate and updated payment dates, individuals should visit the official Australian Government website.

Eligibility Requirements for New Centrelink Payment

  • To apply for Centrelink payments, applicant must be citizens of Australia with permanent residency status.
  • For the Low Income Family Payment, applicants must show income below a specified limit, adjusted for the number of family members.
  • Disability Support Payment applicants need a certified disability certificate issued by authorized sources, receiving payments ranging from $34.80 to $45.60 per two weeks.
  • One-off payments of $250 are available for individuals facing economic crises, based on valid proof.
  • As payments will be managed based on the information submitted by the application, applicants must submit valid paperwork for verification reasons.
  • The application status can be easily tracked from the official Australian government website.

How to Check New Centrelink Payment Status

Individual can easily check their status of New Centrelink Payment by following the steps given below:

  • Go to the Centrelink official website, look for the latest update and click on the “New Centrelink Payment 2024” link.
  • Now click on the status section and provide their applicants reference number and other information to check their application.
  • Ensure you meet all the enrollment requirements and have completed necessary paperwork.
  • If eligible but haven’t received the $750 payment, contact Centrelink immediately through online or directly visiting in-person office.
  • Provide accurate information and follow up timely to resolve any issues with Centrelink payment.

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