Australia Aged Pension Increase 2024: Changes in Age Pension in July? New Amount & Eligibility

The authorities of Australia have released a notification on Australia Aged Pension Increase with some significant changes in the plan. This aged pension plan provides financial support to the country’s older citizens to help them manage their living standards. As per the latest updates, the authorities have increased the pension for old citizens and an increase in inflation rates in the country.

Australia Aged Pension Increase 2024

In 1909, the authorities made an Aged Pension Plan to support the retirees of older and suffering citizens of the country. Under this scheme, all the old age individuals in the country suffering from financial difficulties will receive a certain amount of payment from the authorities. Now, in 2024, the government has made Australia Aged Pension Increase after calculating the country’s cost of living expenses and other factors.

OrganizationServices Australia
Benefit NameAged Pension Program/Plan
Amount$32.70 per fortnight
Increment MonthSeptember 2024
CategoryGovernment Aid
Official Website Aged Pension Plan 2024

The Australia Aged Pension Increase plan increased their payment status every year. Firstly, an increase was made in March and then again in September. So, in 2023, the authorities have increased $32.70 for every individual.

The payment will only be given based on the income threshold and assets test they conducted. Candidates who want to receive these benefits need to follow the criteria, which are different for aged pensions for both genders.

Next Australian Age Pension Increase in 2024

  • The next Australia Aged Pension Increase is scheduled for 2024. The pension payment is fixed, but the authorities will make changes in March 2024.
  • The benefits rates increase for males’ weekly payments and the living expenses, which are increased by inflation.
  • In September 2023, the authorities made an increment of $32.70 per fortnight for individuals living alone.
  • Couples who are married and living together will get an increase of $24.70 in payment per fortnight.

Australia Aged Pension Update 2024

The retirement age is very challenging for some people who are facing financial hardships due to low income. Due to this, the government scheme of Australia’s Aged Pension increases in 2024 will benefit both singles and couples.

People living together can also receive a payment equal to that of a single person if both get separated and start filing their taxes alone. Otherwise, they will get combined payments.

Australia Aged Pension Increase 2024 for Single

A single person will get the calculated amount from the government, which includes the maximum introductory rate, maximum supplement, and energy supply.

  • They will get 1096.7 AUD per fortnight, a combined amount of 28,514 AUD per annum.

Australia Aged Pension Increase 2024 for Couples

The couples will get combined payments, but each has expenses, including the factors calculated for singles.

  • Each of them will receive 804 AUD per fortnight and 21,494 AUD per annum.
  • Couples will get 42,988 AUD annually from the authorities if we combine.

How to get Australian Aged Pension Increase from Department

Citizens of Australia need to know about the essential eligibility criteria to be followed. As we know, only eligible candidates are allowed to benefit from the payment. Citizens must also be permanent residents of Australia and have been residents for the last ten years.

  • Eligible Citizens must visit the official website –
  • After opening the website, they must create and link their MyGov account with Services Australia.
  • Now, they must choose the payment application option for single and couples.
  • Then, write down the required basic details, including date of birth and address.
  • Citizens need to attach all the requested documents for verification.
  • After completing the process, check once and submit your application to the authorities.

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  1. Find it un fare that the single pension works out to only $548.35 per week and married couple get $804.00 per week us single still have to pay the same for electricity gas water food etc


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