$500 Stimulus Check 2024: Stimulus Check for Everyone, Eligiblity & Payment Dates

As a response to the increasing cost of living ongoing financial impacts, some US states are getting ready to begin issuing new $500 Stimulus Check in the month of July. These payments, which could total $500 per household, are intended to support low-income families that are struggling to make ends meet while facing ongoing financial difficulties made more serious by rising healthcare costs and inflation.

States are now going to offer more ongoing support after the first rounds of federal Economic Impact Payments only focused on short-term relief and did not address long-term economic recovery. Through this article, we will provide a complete overview of a $500 stimulus check including its overview, details, state list, and more.

$500 Stimulus Check 2024

The upcoming stimulus checks indicate a move away from past one time payments and towards continuing monthly financial support programmes. States are using a number of factors, including income eligibility based on previous tax returns and budget surpluses, to make sure the most vulnerable people receive targeted support.

These payments have the goal of reducing the immediate financial difficulties that poor people across the nation are still experiencing, especially those related to medical expenses and the impact of growing inflation. The goal of state governments longer term relief initiatives is to give communities stability and support while they seek for economic recovery.

OrganizationInternal Revenue Service (IRS)
Initiated byFederal Government
Payment TypeOne Time Payment
CategoryGovernment Aid
Official Websitehttps://www.irs.gov/

$500 Stimulus Check In July 2024

To receive the $500 monthly stimulus payments, households must meet specific eligibility requirements set by their respective state authorities. States are using a combination of federal funds and state budgets dedicated to economic relief to finance these initiatives.

The objective is to provide consistent support to low-income families, ensuring they have the means to cover essential expenses and navigate financial challenges during ongoing economic uncertainties.

$500 Stimulus Check States

In the United States, many cities are testing a program called guaranteed basic income (GBI), also known as stimulus payments, to help fight poverty. These initiatives provide low-income individuals with unconditional monthly payments, usually in the range of $100 to $1,000, for a specific period of time.

Right now, a number of states are preparing to provide eligible citizens $500 stimulus payments with the objective to offer financial support and reduce the financial burden to individuals in need around the nation.

State Providing $500 Stimulus Check 2024


  • Long Beach: About 200 low-income homes with children will receive $500 monthly stimulus checks under the Long Beach Pledge Programme. Payments will be made from spring 2024 through spring 2025.
  • Mountain View: The Elevate MV programme provides about 166 low-income parents with $500 in stimulus grants each month. The payments will be made until December 2024, having started in December 2022.
  • Sonoma County: Approximately 305 low-income households will receive $500 monthly stimulus checks under the Pathway to Income Equity programme. Starting in January 2023, payments will keep going until January 2025.


  • Ann Arbor: Approximately 100 low-income entrepreneurs get stimulus checks of $528 per month from Ann Arbour. The initiative will run through December 2025, having started in January 2024.
  • Flint: The Rx Kids programme provides around 1,200 new and expecting mothers with a flat amount of $1,500 in addition to $500 monthly payments. The payments will start in January 2024 and will continue till spring 2025.

New Mexico

  • Santa Fe: Under the City of Santa Fe’s Learn, Earn, Achieve programme, 98 young, low-income parents enrolled in Santa Fe Community College certificate or degree programmes receive a $400 monthly payment. The payments will be made through the spring of 2025, starting in January 2024.


  • Tacoma: Low-income households can receive monthly payments of up to $500 under the Growing Resilience in Tacoma programme. Payments for the programme will continue until June 2025.

How to Claim $500 Stimulus Check 2024

Here are the steps to claim your $500 Stimulus payment:

  • Go to the official website of Internal Revenue Service or your province.
  • Now click on the “$500 Stimulus Check 2024” link given in the latest updates.
  • Then enter all the required details such as personal and financial information in the application form.
  • After submitting the form wait for the approval of State government or IRS and once approved you will start getting $500 Stimulus Payment.

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